A Canadian piñata? A loonie slot machine? Rock candy? The possible punchlines are endless; if only people weren’t seriously injured following a crash on Ontario’s Highway 11 that left buckets of coins and sweet scattered across the street.

Around 4am on Thursday, March 29, a Brinks armored truck (the tractor-trailer kind, not the one in most heist films) crossed the center lane of an icy road in the Kirkland Lake area and slammed into a wall of rock on the opposite side.  The crash caused millions of dollars worth of loonies and toonies (anyone else have the Tiny Toons theme in their head?) to disperse onto the road. The Brinks driver and passenger were hospitalized with life threatening injuries so we’ll keep the jokes to a minimum.

Other vehicles piled up on the accident including a truck full of candy — which also littered the highway among the coins.  Crews of law enforcement and Brinks employees were brought in to guard while large magnets collected the loose change.

Hershey Highway indeed.

[Via AOL Autos]