The Forbidden List

Naming kids is hard. In fact, I couldn't decide on a name for my daughter, so she was simply "Baby Girl" for the first few hours of her life. 

In Texas, naming your kid is an entire legal affair, some rules cannot be broken. For instance, in Texas, you cannot use special characters like: á, ë, ñ, ø in a child's name; sorry, Josè.

A Whole Mouthful of a Name

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I feel like this doesn't need to be said, but you cannot have more than 100 characters in a child's name. Somewhere in Texas, someone tried it though, or else it wouldn't have needed to be pointed out in law.


10 Most Forbidden Off-Limits Baby Names in Texas

Here are a few more rules that Texans MUST abide by when naming children. 


That's gonna be a hard no from Texas, dawg. You cannot use any numbers in a name however, Charles the III is perfectly acceptable.


Sorry, but in Texas, you shall be named Chloe, and hold the special accent.


You may be known as the king of the castle on the playground, but a name with a title is not recognized or legal in Texas.


While there is nothing wrong with the name "Baby" no special characters like '!' can be used.


I mean why would you, but no obscene or foul language can be used as a legal birth name.


You may very well be a queen in your family's eyes dear, but not in Texas we hold no titles. 


No way Jose, not in Tejas, no diacritical marks like accents.


No emojis or pictures can be used to make a legal name, so stick with the name Smiley and you're in the clear.


I mean, for obvious reasons this one is a no-go in the United States.


Ho, ho, ho; that's going to be a no, no, no.

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