Unique and Horrifying Visitor

It seems inclement weather brings out the crazy. People do wild things like bombard stores, drain gas stations, and make other interesting decisions. Right here in Victoria had a unique visitor right as Hurricane Nicholas hit land in Texas.

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Roaming Around Victoria

We reported a Michael Myers spotting along Galveston Beach, but he must have taken a trip down to the Crossroads. Just as the storm approached Texas, Michael Myers could be seen hanging around Victoria. Posing with signs and hanging around by electrical towers, Michael was just checking out the gloomy weather here in the Crossroads.

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Clearly, something was in the air that evening, but it definitely kicked off the spooky season. I wonder what other scary horror icons are creeping around. Imagine walking in the mall only to see Jigsaw on his tricycle waiting in line for an All American Cookie. Or while you are driving down Navarro you see from the corner of your eye IT hiding in a drain- yikes.

We have some pretty chilling places in the Crossroads that many horror movie characters would fit right in. Catch Freddy Krueger at the Yorktown hospital or Leatherface under the Salem bridge. Scroll down to see some of the most horrific icons who should visit the Crossroads.

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