Young Crimes in the AM

In just 24 hours Victoria Police Department reported two separate serious crimes involving children 14 and under. The first involved a 14-year-old boy who stole alcohol from a gas station around 4:00 am. He was taken in for aggravated robbery and assault, which you can read more about HERE.

Another Young Teen Taken In

Only hours later, another adolescent boy was taken in for a pretty serious crime. On January 10, 2022, Victoria Police Department responded to a call around 9:45 am. The victim had reported their company vehicle had just been stolen.

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According to the Victoria Police Department, an employee from the company followed the thief and kept the police up to date with their location.

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Catching the Criminal

Police were soon informed the stolen vehicle had mechanical problems and would not be able to reach high speeds. With this information, VPD attempted to stop the vehicle once it was located.

A Scene Turned Ugly

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The vehicle refused to stop and a pursuit commenced. The chase began in the area of Sam Houston Dr and Mockingbird and came to an end when the stolen vehicle entered Leary Ln and headed straight into the Holiday Acres Mobile Home Estate.

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The stolen vehicle drove across several lawns and ultimately came to a halt when it slammed into an outbuilding.

Apprehended and Detained

According to the news release by VPD, when the vehicle came to a crashing stop, the driver and passenger "exited the vehicle and ran from officers." They were caught and detained.

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Nearby School Alerted

The foot pursuit occurred in the area of Rowland Elementary School. The school was immediately alerted of the situation for the safety of the children.

An Unusual and Alarming Twist

It was discovered that both the driver and passenger were only 13 years old. Both minors were taken to Victoria County Juvenile Detention Center.

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