Lauren entered the Our Lady of Victory first grade class in our Q92 and Peter Piper Pizza "School Rules" attitude contest, and won!! Here is what Lauren had to say about this first grade class..."Our Lady of Victory first grade definitely has spirit!  They are some of the youngest kiddos to attend the pep rally, but you wouldn't even know it.  This year they did bring home a spirit stick, and each student decorated their very own eagle because they are so proud of their mascot. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y..that is our 1st grade battle cry!! Go Eagles!" Way to go Our Lady of Victory first grade class keep up the great work!!

It's game time!! It's the busiest season of the year with your kids at school. Peter Piper Pizza and Q92 want to award your kids with a pizza for having “School Spirit” attitude!  Now through December 18th we want to see your kids with a “School Spirit” picture.  Submit your photos of your kids in their uniforms, at a pep rally, or school events.  We will pick one winner once a week for a chance to win a free pizza, 4 drinks, and a Kidd Kraddick t-shirt for having a “School Spirit” attitude!

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