50 Cent advised Eminem amid the Detroit rapper's ongoing feud with Nick Cannon.

According to a report Yahoo News' TheWrap published on Wednesday (Jan. 8), 50 told Eminem not to bother responding to the Wild 'N Out host's trio of diss tracks. The Queens rapper expressed how he feels about the beef between Nick and Em.

“I told him don’t even say nothing to him,” 50 Cent said during his time at ABC’s Television Critics Association press tour day. “The record is terrible.”

Since Eminem reignited his beef with Nick Cannon in Fat Joe and Dre's "Lord Above" last month, Nick Cannon has dropped three diss tracks aimed at the Marshall Mathers LP 2 rapper: "The Invitation", "Pray For Him" and "Canceled: Invitation." In the first diss track, Cannon invited Em to come on to Wild 'N Out to settle their beef with help from Suge Knight.

In "Pray For Him," the rapper-actor recruited the Black Squad, which are rappers Charlie Clipse, Hitman Holla, Conceited and Prince Eazy. All five rappers go in on Em over an instrumental of Jay-Z’s “Renegade” from his 2001 album The Blueprint. For the third diss track, Cannon claims Em is a racist and says he'll never forgive him. Em hasn’t responded on wax, and it’s clear 50 thinks the Detroit rapper should keep it that way.

“You can’t argue with a fool,” the Power creator explained. "When you understand that a person is not registering even when they’re losing, then the argument goes forever. So you should just stop.”

After the first diss track dropped, Em gave Nick a brief response. However, it seems as though Em took 50's advice after the other two diss tracks surfaced.

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