One hundred years is a very long time. When it is broken down, it is approximately 36,500 days (depending on leap years, of course), or 1,200 months, or 10 decades, or one century. To last for such a long period is a remarkable achievement that takes stamina, wit, flexibility, and resilience. It is also a feat worth mentioning, which is why we have come up with a list to celebrate those people and things hitting such a momentous milestone.

To create a list of 50 things turning 100 in 2021, Stacker looked at primary documents in historical records, pop charts, newspaper articles, and other matters of public record. This list includes animate and inanimate objects. You will find people, places, and things. It includes movies, poetry, companies, famous artwork, and scientific discoveries--and even a few birthdays.

It is a list so diverse it features silent films from another era, the longest-serving British consort in history, several notable centenarians, a life-saving medical breakthrough, a classic cupboard staple you may recall from childhood, the first grand movie house, a candy bar that may or may not have been named after a baseball great, and a science-fiction term with an interesting beginning. The one thing that ties everything on this list together is their respective staying power.

Surprising Things Turning 100 in 2021

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