Up until the radio takeover of last year's "Despacito," there had been only two Spanish-language singles to crown the Hot 100: Los Lobos "La Bamba" and Los del Rio's "Macarena," both dance floor staples that predated Luis Fonsi's summer insta-bop by at least 20 years. But "Despacito" was more than a mere crossover success, it was a cultural phenomenon,  breaking half a dozen records and changing the face of the Top 40. One year later, bilingual pop has become the go-to ticket for crafting hits. "Despacito" still reigns supreme, but it's no longer an anomaly. Below, check out some of the many tracks it helped to spawn.

  • 1

    J Balvin + Willy William ft. Beyoncé, "Mi Gente"

    Just as Fonsi and Daddy Yankee did with Justin Bieber, J Balvin and Willy William enlisted some major star power for this pulsating Latin club-kindler, looking to none other than Queen B.

  • 2

    Camila Cabello ft. Daddy Yankee, "Havana" (Remix)

    Camila Cabello gave her ode to Cuba an extra dose of Spanish flavor with a feature from Puerto Rican hitmaker Daddy Yankee.

  • 3

    Liam Payne ft. J Balvin, "Familiar"

    The One Direction alum recently hopped on the bilingual bandwagon with April's "Familiar," a seductive, Latin-punched serenade featuring reggaeton king J Balvin.

  • 4

    Luis Fonsi + Demi Lovato, "Échame La Culpa"

    Demi Lovato channeled her Latin roots for Luis Fonsi team-up "Échame La Culpa," an infectious, big beat crowd-pleaser.

  • 5

    Little Mix + CNCO, "Reggaetón Lento"

    Latin boy band CNCO tapped British favorites Little Mix for this hip-swiveling remix of their 2016 track.

  • 6

    Pitbull ft. Fifth Harmony, "Por Favor"

    Just before announcing their indefinite hiatus, Fifth Harmony linked up with Pitbull for this hip-hop-saturated genre mash-up.

  • 7

    Cardi B, Bad Bunny, + J Balvin, "I Like It"

    Even rap queen Cardi B jumped onboard with "I Like It," a J Balvin and Bad Bunny-assisted cut that samples Boogaloo classic "I LIke It Like That."

  • 8

    Luis Fonsi + Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber, "Despacito"

    No list would be complete without the chart triumph that started it all.

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