Today we started asking our listeners for their Super Bowl 50 predictions as we close in on the matchup between the Chiefs and Buccaneers!

While Tom Brady and the Buccaneers get to play in front of their home crowd, there are several records waiting to be broken depending on the outcome of the game. Below we will take a look at 8 things to watch for at this year's contest. These might also make for some great intangibles if you are placing wagers on this year's activities.

1. Oldest coach to win the Super Bowl
The NFL retirement age has no cap. Should the Buccaneers catch that dub this year, their head coach Bruce Arians, will find himself breaking records. At the ripe age of 68, he could be stealing the title from Bill Belichick as the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl.

2. First home team to win a Super Bowl

The stars have aligned and finally, a home team is playing the big game on their own turf, the Buccaneers will be hosting their own Super Bowl in their very own stadium. If they manage to come out on top, the Buccaneers will be the first team to win a Super Bowl at their home stadium.

3. The first time two quarterbacks who won the previous two Super Bowls will face off
Regardless of who wins, a record is being made on this one. With Bradys' win in Super Bowl LIII and Mahome's Kansas City victory in last year's Super Bowl as soon as these two hit the turf, it's already in the books.

4. The First quarterback to win a Super Bowl across three decades
Brady is just collecting these Super Bowl rings like candy these days. If the Buccaneers are to win Super Bowl LV, Brady would add a seventh Super Bowl notch to his belt; along with the record as the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl across three whole decades! We get it; this guy is GOOD!

5. Brady becomes a Super Bowl champ under two franchises
Speaking of Brady, he will be setting another record for himself. If his team wins, he will have led two franchises to victory. The only other person to hold that title is Peyton Manning, who brought the Colts and Broncos to a Super Bowl victory.

6. The Youngest quarterback to have two Super Bowl rings
Mahomes, who turns 25 on the day of the BIG game, has a big chance of breaking a record! If the Chiefs come out on top, Mahomes could earn the title of 'the youngest quarterback's to have two Super Bowl rings.' He would be stealing that title away from the one and only Tom Brady, who became a two-time Super Bowl champion by the age of 26; however, I think he could spare a record a two.
7. Ending the back-to-back Super Bowl victory dry spell
The last time a team won back to back Super Bowls was in the 2003-2004 season by the Patriots. Since then, there has been quite a dry spell, and no team has been able to get such a victory again. If Kansas City Chiefs can repeat their win, they can end that rough, dry spell.

8. First AFC team to beat an NFC team twice in one season
This may come as a surprise but, while many have tried, none have managed to hit the target on this one. However, a Kansas City win could change it all. They have already defeated the Buccaneers this season; to do so again would break records.

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