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What was she thinking?

An 11-year veteran Texas school teacher faces charges after putting her 13-year-old son who was COVID positive in the trunk of her car while she drove to a testing site to get herself tested.

Apparently, she was very candid about the entire situation when she offered to employees working at a Houston COVID testing site that she put her son in the trunk because she was scared she would contract COVID from him.

We're guessing that she felt the back seat was still too close to her while she drove?

But not having her child in a seat belt was in her comfort zone?

Beam me up, Scottie!

Police issued the warrant for the Houston school teacher, Sarah Beam, after obviously concerned employees at the testing site called 911 to give authorities Beam's information, which included her license plate.

But wait, there is more.

While there, the concerned staff asked Beam if they could verify that she had transported her son in the trunk and Beam obliged them by opening the trunk and showing them her son was indeed riding back there! Thankfully the 13-year-old was not injured.

Beam is charged with child endangerment.

Turns out, riding without a seatbelt in Texas is against the law, and you guessed it, it's also illegal to ride in the trunk of a vehicle as well.

There is some fascinating information on the How Stuff Works website which you can view here, which offers that trunks of vehicles are actually designed to crumple during an accident. Yep, trunks are engineered as part of a vehicle's "crumple zone" making them exceptionally dangerous to ride in.

Maybe this teacher should have done her homework?

Beam has been placed on administrative leave.


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