A video has gone viral showing a very public fight at a Dallas airport.

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A video circulating right now shows a confrontation between a Spirit Airlines employee and a passenger at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The video cuts in as a woman and airline employee are face-to-face yelling back-and-forth in the airport lobby.

At one point the airline employee is seen yelling at a woman, saying "you have lost your mind... don't you touch me ever in your life." The woman yells back screaming, "Get out of my face," as she adds on homophobic slurs.


The argument quickly escalates as the woman begins pushing the employee while yelling. A nearby person quickly steps in between the two but the woman takes the confrontation to the next step.

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The woman swings and lands a punch on the employee's face. The employee loses it and quickly tackles the woman. More bystanders rush to break up the fight but not before the Spirit employee swings at the woman, landing a punch as she tries to run away.

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The man is infuriated and continues, rushing toward the woman again. At the end of the video, another man steps up to the employee for hitting a female. The employee begins yelling "I'll fight anybody," and the video ends with the two chest to chest.

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Spirit Airlines has responded to the video by saying, "Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind, and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter." The employee has been suspended.

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