If all the reports we've been seeing over the past day or so are accurate, Simon Cowell will become a first-time father early next year. We know the woman he knocked up, Lauren Silverman, is a (former) friend's estranged wife, and we know her divorce will probably be a trainwreck -- but who exactly is Lauren herself?

Here's what we've been able to dig up so far.

NAME: Lauren Silverman

AGE: 36 (making her 17 years Simon's junior, yes, but not so young that it's creepy)

MARITAL STATUS: Married but, as they say on Facebook, it's complicated. Her husband is real estate investor Andrew Silverman, who's about her age. They've been married a decade, give or take, and have a 7-year-old son together.

HOW SHE KNOWS SIMON: Before Simon broke the bro code by knocking up Andrew's wife, the two guys were pretty good friends. In fact, there's photographic evidence dating back to at least 2010 of Andrew and Lauren vacationing and/or lolling on yachts with Simon (and whoever his lady-of-the-moment was) several times.

HER FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES: Lauren is reportedly very close pals with designer Rachel Roy.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT HER: Depends which website you're reading, but comments from her mother aside, most of it isn't good. A supposed friend of Lauren's told the NY Daily News that she's a “gold digger” with a "thing for rich, powerful men."

SO NOW WHAT? Hard to say. Lauren is allegedly crazy about Simon, but the feeling may not be mutual. Regardless, this is a guy who's known for his generosity -- he often buys houses and provides other financial support for his ex-girlfriends, so it's a safe bet he'll do that and much more for a child.

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