As a prominent (and exhibitionism-prone) social media user, model and talk show host Amber Rose is likely used to a daily deluge of garbage Instagram comments. But on August 9, some particularly ignorant followers took things too far when they called her three-year-old son "gay" just for playing with one of her wigs. Never one to stay quiet when she detects that nonsense is afoot, Rose addressed the creeps speculating over a toddler's sexuality with the exact brand of condescension they deserve.

While Rose's supporters attempted to tell other commenters that a child playing dress up provides zero evidence of said child's orientation, comments such as "stop the gayness 2016" and "Your turning the boy into a gay boy, wiz wat tha deal" persisted about Sebastian, her son with ex-husband Wiz Khalifa.

"So I posted a video of Sebastian in my wig earlier, and all the comments are saying that my son is gay. He's three," Rose said in a Snapchat video. Then she encouraged those who actually think that someone can be "turned gay" to test that theory out on the men in their lives.

"Everyone that’s commenting, do me a favor: Go put a wig on your boyfriend, or your daddy, or your baby’s father, and then see if they turn gay, and then let me know." Moments later, feigning surprise, Rose said, "Oh, they didn’t turn gay? Wow! I’m so confused, because I could’ve sworn you just said wigs make men gay? I don’t know!"

And then she laid it out in clearer terms:

"How about all you ignorant f---s read a book, and realize that your sexual orientation has nothing to do with the way you dress?"

Watch Amber point out what should be obvious in her Snapchat videos below — and if you ever find yourself preparing to judge a small child in a public forum, the next step is easy: Log off.

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