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In an interview with ET, Betty shared her birthday plans. "You probably didn't ask, but I’ll tell you anyway," she revealed she will keep the partying to a minimum due to COVID, and instead will be feeding the two ducks who visit her every day.





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Twitter gets a little concerned every time users wake up to and #BettyWhite trending on their feed. But have no fear, all is well, and Betty is doing just dandy.


Honestly, Same.


Betty White is a beloved icon and has had an extensive career. In celebration of her 99th birthday, let's reveal why this golden girl is the ultimate icon.

She's the first woman to produce a sitcom. That's right, Betty White produced and starred in her own sitcom, 'Life with Elizabeth'; the show air for three years. She is recognized as one of the first women in the industry to produce a sitcom, historical--that's Betty!

She was the Mayor of Hollywood. Her fame and accomplishments from her work in the sitcom opened up many different opportunities and recognition. She was recognized by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who awarded her with the honorary title 'Mayor of Hollywood' in 1955.

She Holds The Record  For Longest TV Career For A Female Well, she does have eight decades dedicated to the entertainment industry. She has rightfully earned that record.

She's the oldest person to host SNL After tarring in a hilarious snickers ad that aired prime time during the Super Bowl, fans fell in love and petitioned that she host Saturday Night Live. At the age of 88, she was chosen to host the show--just know SHE did THEM a favor, not the other way around. It was the best decision they ever made, and she was absolutely hysterical.

99 like a fine wine; happy birthday, Betty!



Check out this video that sums up why Betty White is the absolute best.



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