High cholesterol is the least of this guy's problems.

Police in Destin, Fla. recently arrested a man after he stole bacon from another customer's plate at Waffle House and then ate it right in front of her.

The man, 28, swiped the bacon from the woman and then gobbled it up. The bacon must have been delicious (of course it was delicious -- it's bacon) because when she ordered him to replace what he took, he simply told her he wanted more food.

The man refused to leave and when other customers ran interference to help the woman, he tried to pick a fight before cops showed up. This whole thing has to be a matter of low blood sugar, right? Sure, we all love bacon, but how else can you explain his actions?

He was charged with disorderly intoxication and we're going to take a wild guess that he called Waffle House for a delivery order with his one phone call from jail.

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