Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s six month courtship may have been Hollywood (and the world’s) best kept secret.

But now that the two have announced their plans to get married, and shocked everyone in the process, they’ve been flaunting their happiness, engagement, and 14-carat engagement ring in everyone’s faces…on the cover of Hello! Canada.

So, how much does her pear shaped bauble cost? Oh just a measly $350,000. Us Weekly reached out to Michael O’Connor, a jewelry expert, to get the estimation. ”A pear shape diamond set in platinum is a nod to vintage glamour and individuality — perfect for a rocker like Avril,” he said.

“The half-moon diamonds are also rare since they would have to be specially cut to fit on either side of the center diamond,” he continued. “The center diamond is approximately 10 carats, with and additional 4 carats of total side diamonds.”

Note to our future fiance, we’ll take the same… just in a round cushion cut.

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