There are some foods that we, as human beings, collectively enjoy when deep fried in vats of cooking oil, like crispy chicken and French fries. A lot of these deep-fry choices make pretty good sense, while others are a bit more dubious, and push the bounds of what can actually be called “food.” Here’s a list of some of the most delicious deep-fried items around, and a few that might make you think twice before taking your first bite.



Deep-fried turkey got its start in the South, but its appeal has most definitely spread across the nation. If you want a succulent turkey without a dry piece of meat on it, then you need to get hold of a large deep fryer and a lot of oil and dip your bird inside of it. You’ll be the most popular person at the summer BBQ parties, as well as on high demand come Thanksgiving. And once you go deep fried with your turkey, you’ll never want to go back.

Mars Bars


Apparently the Scottish will deep fry just about anything. They shun fruits and vegetables, but love meat, fat, lard and oil (and dying young, apparently). And what could be worse for your heart than a deep-fried Mars Bar? The only possible answer to that question is two deep-fried Mars Bars. Many fish and chip shops, where fried and oily food is a way of life, will also serve you battered-coated, deep-fried Mars Bars. If you can’t make it to Scotland any time soon, we’re sure you can manage to create one of these artery-clogging treats at home on your own.



Again, we’re stretching the imagination here a bit as to what constitutes “food.” No matter what you believe a Twinkie happens to be, you can make it even better by deep-frying the little yellow torpedo. Simply freeze the cake, dip it in batter, and then plop it into the fryer. You can find these delicious, and extremely unhealthy treats in a few restaurants scattered about the country, as well as food stalls at many local county fairs.


Yep, you can deep-fry tarantulas. Just imagine what a great source of crunchy protein these spiders can provide. The delicacy, known as “a-ping” in Cambodia, is on offer from street vendors throughout this Southeast Asian country. Not only are these wok-fried arachnids a great source of nutrition, but they will also make you more beautiful, or so the locals say. The same can’t be said for deep-fried Mars Bars or Twinkies.


Hold on a second. How can you fry Coca-Cola, which is a liquid? You can’t deep fry water. Well, the trick is to deep-fry Coca-Cola flavored batter. After that you smother the batter in Coca-Cola fountain syrup, and then top off this creation with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a red cherry. A Texan by the name of Abel Gonzales, Jr. invented and debuted this crazy, yet very tasty concoction at the Texas State Fair in 2006.



And here all you thought silkworms were good for was spinning silk. As if we didn’t work the poor little creatures to death already, now we get to chow down on them after their main job is done. Fried silkworms are a delicacy in many parts of Asia, but especially in China and Korea. When you see them laid out in the market, you might mistake them for some kind of bean or exotic chili. Look again, and you find heaps of deep-fried insects. When eating these tiny critters, just pop them into your mouth, like you do with popcorn.



Deep-fried Oreos are another very popular food that you’ll likely stumble across at fairs and outdoor festivals. If you have a sweet tooth, these batter-dipped cookies will be sure to satisfy. They’re best eaten warm, right out of the fryer, with some powdered sugar sprinkled on top.



Folks will do just about anything with canned span, and deep frying is no exception. You can cook up some Spam fritters, or partake of deep-fried Spam on a stick, or make some fried Spam balls or Spam musubi (Spam with rice and nori seaweed, Japanese style). Why not go crazy in the kitchen and come up with your own variation of this extremely versatile product? Spam is definitely no stranger to experimentation.

Ice Cream


Deep-fried ice cream is really, really good. You can get it at fairs, carnivals and quite a few Asia and Mexican restaurants. The breaded ice cream, which is quickly deep fried, gives you a treat that is sweet, as well as hot and cold at the same time. It can be quite a sensation for your taste buds, as many people out there can attest to. Deep-fried ice cream can also become a serious addiction, so watch out!



Why not deep fry your bacon instead of just frying it? You already know this isn’t a heart-friendly food, so you might as well enjoy it. The process is pretty straightforward. Dip strips of bacon in batter, and then deep fry them. Easy. Of course, you might want to consult your doctor before you make this an everyday thing.

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