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Okay, let's start this article about crazy money spent on VHS tapes with a question.

Do you even own a VCR? 

We haven't had a VCR in years, at least for the last decade, and who knows the last time we watched a movie on a VHS tape! We are betting we are not alone in this!

But according to news outlets in Texas like KRON4, sealed and pristine VHS tapes can bring in a small fortune for anyone fortunate enough to still have them left to auction.

That's a world record for a VHS tape!

The event featured over 250 pristine and sealed VHS tapes from the '70s and '80s including beloved movies like the Goonies which sold for an incredible $50,000. “Ghostbusters” went for $23,750 and Jaws on VHS, the movie that still haunts me today sold for $32,500! Maybe the way to overcome my fear of dark water is to buy one of the next mint-condition copies of Jaws when Heritage Auction offers another VHS tape auction.

Check it out! You can watch the online auction from June 9th, thanks to Stones Throwback on Youtube below.

Are you regretting opening your VHS tapes now too? What were we thinking! LOL

UGH! To be honest I thought VHS tapes were so obsolete I sold them for pennies on the dollar at garage sales. Dang, it! I should know not to sell anything anymore!

There is a market for them obviously so we found this Youtube video from The Auction Professor that includes the Top 20 Most Valuable VHS tapes of all time!

Do you have ANY of these sealed in your house????

It's time to check to see if you've got any sealed VHS tapes in the attic right? We are heading that way to look too! 

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