No one is safe from or immune to Bieber Fever, and really, why would anyone want to be? It feels so good. The latest victim of the quickly spreading epidemic? Rapper Big Sean.

The rapper, who has worked with Nicki Minaj, revealed that he is now working on a collabo with The Biebs. It’s not yet been determined if this musical meeting of the minds is will appear on ‘Believe,’ which is Bieber’s forthcoming album due out this summer, or if it will make its way onto Big Sean’s next album. That’s up in the air. But he did confirm that the duo are working together.

reports that during a radio chat, Sean said, “Shout-out to Justin Bieber. That’s my homie, too. We got something in the works. You’re gonna see it sooner or later. Either my album or his album.” Bring it.

For his part, The Biebs is certainly fraternizing with hip-hop stars as of late. Now if only we can get to the bottom of which U.K.-originated boy band he will work with.

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