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Reports of very long wait times this morning at Austin-Bergstrom airport in the capital have now developed into another story about a bomb threat. There is nothing like a long line at the airport to put most people in a bad mood. The line to park, the line to check bags and get your boarding pass, then the dreaded TSA security line. That's the line that is always the hardest for me. These morning lines were reported at more than two hours long just to get through the TSA security as the airport also reported via Twitter.




By 11 A.M. this morning the airport gave the all-clear on the bomb threat which now seems even more suspicious after seeing the countless tweets about long lines as Texans try to board their flights and head off for the weekend.


KXAN.com reports that baggage claim #1 was closed off at the airport and that traffic for folks being dropped off or picked up was backing up in a big way for a while. Now that the all-clear has been given, reports are lines and traffic volume is beginning to return to normal.

All in all the danger may not have been perceived as all too serious as arriving passengers getting off planes were still allowed to go to baggage claim to collect their belongings as they got off the planes. I would imagine if they perceived a serious threat that nobody would have been allowed downstairs.

With all that being said, I still think Austin-Bergstrom is one of the best airports to fly out of. The parking fees are certainly reasonable, the airport is clean and full of great restaurants, and I've even had a couple of celebrity encounters here. If you like early flights I can tell you that I've spotted Texas legend Dale Watson in line at Juiceland more than once as he jumped on a red-eye to Memphis.

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