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Every season is beer season. Texas has many local breweries, from the ever-so-popular Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner to the small but delicious Platypus Brewery in Houston.

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Where to Go?

Taking a day trip with a group of friends and sipping on fresh tap beer is a great way to spend a weekend. However, how often have you gone into a bigger city and realized you don't even know where to go?

Wining It but with a Plan

I wing it all the time; I choose a city and make decisions on the spot. Sometimes I get stuck, though. I will be looking at my phone for a good 15 minutes trying to find something fun and new. However, Visit Houston has a great way to get you out, exploring new places, and drinking a few cold ones while you're at it.

Visit Houston Brew Pass

Visit Houston has a Brew Pass, and it is intense. You can choose from a Day Pass that lasts up to 1, 3, or 90 days. This pass is like no other; it will get you exploring the city, their unique local breweries, and finding your new favorite out-of-town spot.

Let Me Break It Down For You

The Brew Pass gives you a list of participating breweries. Depending on which pass you choose, you get to redeem free drinks from a list of different breweries, and no matter which breweries you decide to visit, be ready to drink new beer at that spot. There are also additional perks like discounted merchandise, among other things.

This pass is perfect for out-of-towners who are not too familiar with the fantastic breweries spread all across Houston. It gives you the chance to explore the city and spots you may have never heard of or come across.

For instance, have you had the chance to check out a locally owned brewery that is full of former NASA rocket engineers? Or what about the Houston Brewery that is full of Australian vibes? What about the brewery that has

Grab Your Friends and Go Explore

So next time you want to go out and about, grab your friends, grab a Brew Day Pass, head to Houston, and get to exploring. You can check out a couple of breweries I visited. Be sure to stick around till the end because I reveal an honorable mention where you could end your night that will have you laughing, eating, and drinking the remainder of that night away.

Go Bar Exploring with Houston's Brew Pass

Discover the city and maybe your new favorite beer with the Brew Pass-drinks included!

Ghost Tour and Booze to Kick Start the Spooky Season

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