Eggs are CRAZY expensive!

Maybe it's time to break up with eggs with these delicious eggless recipes before eggs break the bank!

In fact, take a look at this article; TEN FOODS IN TEXAS RGHT NOW THAT ARE CHEAPER THAN EGGS

Almost everyone love eggs, in fact, did you know that even chickens like scrambled eggs for breakfast? Yep! You can check that out here from The Hearty Hen House.

So what do you do now that eggs are expensive but you're still hungry?

Check out these eggless recipes that don't break the bank! 

Let's start with this mind boggling eggless scrambled egg recipe from Sauce Stache! Not made with TOFU this scrambled egg recipe is delicious with mung beans. Okay that sounds gross, but it's delicious!

Are you afraid you will miss your egg omelet? No worries! Brown Girls Kitchen has you covered!

Check out this insane bread recipe below that omits eggs AND milk AND butter and you don't even have to knead it... but once you try this recipe... you will need it! Thanks to Oiong Cooking for this recipe!

We won't let dessert get deserted. Here are not one, not two but THREE egg free cookie recipes that will rock your eggless world! Shout out to Mind Over Munch!

At the end of the day, and at the end of this article we now know we've got lots of options! Delicious options for eggless recipes so maybe it's time we break up with eggs altogether?

I mean y'all you don't even need eggs to make DEVILED EGGS! Obsessed with this recipe from Wonder Vegan.

Mic drop. 

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