Country star Brett Young recently teamed with '90s R&B group Boyz II Men for an episode of CMT's Crossroads series, in a performance that was taped on Feb. 28. In advance of the episode's air date, fans can now watch a sneak peek of the performance. Press play above to watch Young and Boyz II Men perform an upbeat, happy-go-lucky rendition of "Motownphilly."

In the performance, Young harmonizes with the R&B trio, jumping around the stage and flashing grins at the audience. Originally released in 1991, "Motownphilly" was the Boyz II Men's debut single, coming off of their Cooleyhighharmony album. The song's title speaks to the group's two primary musical influences: '70s Philadelphia soul and '60s Motown.

Although Young's music falls into the country format, he has cited soul and R&B as major musical influences in his own career, and even counts Boyz II Men themselves among the musicians that inspired him as a young artist. Those early influences, he explains, returned into heavy rotation on his playlists when he began to try to incorporate some soul inflections into his own country sound.

"[My producer, Dan Huff] knows that I have a huge R&B background, and that I grew up listening to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding," Young explained in an interview in 2018. "Dan said, 'I don't wanna change your sound too much, but I do want to incorporate a little more soul and R&B.' Because of that, I started listening to a lot of that music again."

The cross-genre collaboration is the latest in a long list of unlikely musical pairings orchestrated by CMT's Crossroads, which seeks to bring together two different artists of different genres. Young and Boyz II Men's episode will premiere in full on CMT on March 27 at 10 PM ET.

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