I find it a little disrespectful that the state who introduced the world to what may be the best convenience store ever, will lose an honorable title this month.

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The incredible Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels, Texas holds a world record. They are home to the world's largest convenience store. The Buc-ee’s boasts an insane 66,335 square feet. Buc-ee’s also holds the record in Katy for the longest carwash, which is 255 feet long!

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However, all good things must come to an end, and this month a Tennesse-based Buccees will reign supreme when it comes to size. The Sevierville, TennesseBuc-ee’s is scheduled to open this month and will be almost 10,000 square feet larger than the current record holder in New Braunsfels.

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The newest addition to the Beaver franchise is going to be a massive 74,000 square feet convenience store with 120 gas pumps as well as a charging station for Electric Vehicles. I wonder how many beaver nuggets can fit inside 74,000 square feet...


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In a press release, Buc-ee’s announced the Sevierville location will also come with a car wash over 250 feet long. That begs the question- how many MORE extra feet? The Katy location holds the record for the longest car wash at 255 feet; so is Serville coming for that title too?


Texans can hold on to the world record for a few more days, so let's cherish them. So, congratulations to Tennesse for getting a taste of Texas and also- CLEAN BATHROOMS!

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