A rancher was astonished to discover a calf born with two faces on their farm, a phenomenon known as polycephaly that occurs in a staggering one in 400 million births.


Breaux Farms LLC Facebook
Breaux Farms LLC Facebook

The calf, affectionately named Deux Face, which translates to "Two Faces" in French, has captured the hearts of many and has become a symbol of extraordinary rarity and wonder.

At one week old, Deux Face has shown encouraging signs of progress, albeit slow, towards strength and independence. According to a recent update shared by the rancher on social media, Deux Face has managed to push herself up onto her feet twice in the past two days with support, preventing her from falling.

This achievement, while seemingly small, marks a significant step towards her standing on her own.


The rancher's update also addressed the curiosity and concern of the online community. A team of veterinarians is involved in Deux Face's care, ensuring she receives the best possible support.

Breaux Farms LLC Facebook
Breaux Farms LLC Facebook

Impressively, Deux Face breathes out of both noses simultaneously, and her eyes are responsive to light and movement, indicating good health in both faces.

To aid in her development, a variety of apparatuses, including a calf sling, have been crafted to help Deux Face stand and strengthen her legs.

While Deux Face, the miraculous two-faced calf continues to slowly thrive, the ranch points out she is not expected to live very long. Keep up with the astonishing updates by following her story HERE.

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