Car enthusiasts from all over the crossroads will be breaking out their rides tomorrow for a much needed outdoor gathering.

Car meets are nothing new here in Victoria. People have been showing off their rides and meeting up for as long as I can remember.

Pre-COVID, we used to have some pretty sweet monthly meets, but things have died down with everything going on. Car meets have served as an outlet for many people who share a similar passion.

Emily Lopez, a local car enthusiast, says surrounding herself around people with the same likes and interests is one of the best ways to spend her weekends. "One day of the week, you meet up with your friends to catch up and talk cars along with new people you met. It's like the feeling your mom gets when she meets up with her book club, but instead, we get to have more of an adrenaline rush."

One local performance shop Victoria has stepped up and started hosting car meets that are quickly becoming a hit. Cantu Racing hosted its first car meet last November to celebrate hitting 1,000 subscribers on YouTube. The meet last month had such a great turnout; they have decided to make it a monthly event.

Tomorrow, December 18, Cantu Racing will host their 2nd car meet in the Academy parking lot, and vehicles can begin to pack in at 9pm.

Cantu Racing has gotten permission and support from the surrounding businesses to host on their location. Victoria PD will also have two squad cars on-site to ensure everyone is being safe. The meet is a "park and chill," which means no excessive revving or burnouts. Everyone is welcome to just come out, embrace the culture, and be around some pretty awesome cars.      




  Hevin Young loves the culture she says, "It honestly astonishes me how a group of people can come together and share the same passion for the car scene; it's a lifestyle that most really don't understand." If you plan on dropping by the car meet tomorrow night, be sure to practice safe distancing and as always, WEAR A MASK!.




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Be sure to Check out Cantu Racing for any of you automotive needs. They are a custom automotive performance shop, from custom turbocharger kits, to simple bolt-on builds, and anything in between. Find them at 1104 East Ash Street or give them a call at 361-655-2722.

It's 2020, so I know you have a minimum of one of these social media account, so be sure to check them out on: YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram.

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