Cardi B is way too preggers to be stressing, but on Friday she found herself getting into it with Azealia Banks on social media and then later deleted her Instagram account today (May 12).

Bardi and Banks have never been bosom buddies, but this latest situation stems from comments Banks made during her recent interview on The Breakfast Club. During the sit-down, the Harlem rapper was asked about her issues with Cardi. She didn't hold her tongue. After going into a deep rant about the perception of Black women in American society, she referred to the "Bodak Yellow" rhymer as a "caricature of a Black woman." She added that she was once a Cardi B fan.

That didn't stop Bardi from firing back on Instagram. "A woman who constantly finds joy in belittling Black women (Beyonce, Rihanna, Skia Jackson, Remy Ma) can't try to stand for them because it's convenient," she wrote. "The difference between me and you, I've never pretended to be or represent something I'm not. I've made it where I am by being myself and staying true to that. I'm not trying to represent nobody but myself. You busy trying to be a voice of reason for women of color and when you can't even reason with yourself."

Of course, Banks returned fire with more commentary. "So because I point out that you get away with being the typical caricature of a black woman that society says is wrong ... and you respond by calling me unattractive and bringing up skin bleaching to basically make fun of me for not being light skinned?" she posted. "Carbi is really a bird brain. LOL."

Rather than fully engage in a back and forth, Cardi has since deleted her IG account.

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