In between delivering somber news and making small talk about the weather, CBS anchor Alycia Lane (pictured, right) was sending racy text messages to her married on-air co-host, Larry Mendte.

Because of her naughty sexting and allegations that say 38-year-old Lane beat up a female cop, she was canned by the TV network in 2008.

Three years later, the former CBS anchor is now suing CBS for defamation of character, based on what she says are false allegations. She's since dubbed Mendte an unattractive "sociopathic narcissist" who made unwanted advances toward her.

Though Lane swears the accusations of her fawning over Mendte are false, witnesses say they've seen her throw herself at Mendte wearing only a bra. Mendte has also made claims of Lane straddling him in the car and sending secret "I love you" text messages to each other.

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