Here’s a look at some notable birthdays being celebrated today:

Vera Wang

Age: 62

Occupation: Fashion Designer

Known For: Lovely and highly coveted wedding gowns as well as a broad range of clothing, fragrance, jewelry, eyewear, shoe and houseware collections

Tobey Maguire

Age: 36

Occupation: Actor

Known For: Portraying Peter Parker in three ‘Spider-Man’ films as well as appearing in the movies ‘Seabiscuit’ and ‘Tropic Thunder’

Ross Perot

Age: 81

Occupation: Entrepreneur and Wannabe Politician

Known For: Running for President of the United States in 1992 and 1996, his mind-numbing charts and graphs during both campaigns, and being a billionaire ranked by Forbes as the 99th-richest person in America

Ted Haggard

Age: 55

Occupation: Preacher

Known For: Heading up the Colorado Springs, CO megachurch New Life Church and being a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage before a drug and gay sex scandal forced him to resign in disgrace

Lorrie Morgan

Age: 51

Occupation: Singer and Songwriter

Known For: Selling over six million country albums worldwide, her chart-topping singles ‘Five Minutes’ and ‘What Part of No,’ and well-publicized romances with actor Fred Thompson and former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman

J. J. Abrams

Age: 45

Occupation: Producer, Screenwriter, and Director

Known For: Creating/co-creating the TV series ‘Felicity,’ ‘Alias,’ ‘Lost,’ and ‘Fringe,’ and directing the films ‘Mission: Impossible III,’ ‘Star Trek,’ and ‘Super 8′

Jo Frost

Age: 40

Occupation:Nanny and TV Personality

Known For: Exorcising demons from horrifically behaved children on her show ‘Supernanny’

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