If you have ever seen me walking down the street you know that I sport some pretty bright green hair. Obviously, mine is not natural; typically it's boring dark brown, just like the majority of the world. In fact, dark brown is the least rare hair color in the entire WORLD-up to 85% of the entire population of Earth has dark brown hair.

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That's why today is such an awesome day. Today we celebrate the unique group of people. Those who are in such a tiny selective group your genes have to align perfectly to get to join this club. That's right, I'm talking about Redheads; today is National Redhead Day. Today is the day we celebrate the rarest hair color of them all! In fact, it is so rare, that in order to have it, both of your parents need to have the gene for you to even have a chance at coming out with the fun and rare hair color. Only 1-2% of the world have this hair color, pretty unique!

Also fun fact, but kind of a downside: if you are a Redhead and need to go under the knife, you will need more anesthetic than people with other hair colors
because the mutation that causes red hair also affects pain perception, crazy!

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