We joined Victoria College to help celebrate the first day of the Fall 2021 semester. Students were roaming around campus as they get back into gear and start hitting the books.

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Spirit Week for the Pirates

Victoria College celebrates the entire first week of school with various events during what they call 'Spirit Week.' Which is an appropriate name because you could definitely feel the Pirate spirit radiating that day.

With the Q92 jeep blasting the hits, booths were set up outside, ready to get students pumped up. The Student Life booth knew exactly how to get the new and returning Pirates enthusiastic about the semester: free goodies!

Goodies and Swag

Students stood in line for fresh Pirate swag, then transferred to the next booth where they cooled down with a free sonic iced tea and delicious sugar cookie. Then they got to their last stop: the Q92 booth!

The Q92 Booth

A line formed as students eagerly waited for the challenge they were about to encounter. We set up "radio pong" perfect for those who have a good sense of distance and a gentle throwing hang. Students had a blast trying to make ping pong balls into cups filled with h2o. Plenty of students scored Q92 swag and sweets!

Victoria College always puts on a good show for students. I remember my two years at that college, it was the best. They are really in tune with students' needs and know how to create a relaxing environment which is perfect when you are stressed out with classes.

Good Luck This Semester!

Thank you Victoria College for having us, and good luck to all the new and returning Pirates, you got this! Check out the photos from the first day of school and if you were there, see if you can find yourself! Be sure to send us your first week of school pictures at college!

Check Out Spirit Week at Victoria College

Spirit Week started off strong at Victoria College.

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