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Concerts May Not Return Until Fall 2021 at the Earliest

With social distancing efforts in effect and large group gatherings postponed, any are wondering when live entertainment events like concerts, tours and festivals will return to the music industry. Unfortunately, a health expert has shared that music events may not return until the fall of 2021 at the earliest. (via Metal Injection)

OnlyFans Accounts Rise as People Look for Ways To Pay Bills

A reported 75% increase in new accounts at OnlyFans has been the result of social distancing measures stopping paychecks from coming in. Although some may associate the site with digital sex work, people are also using the site to sell other services and goods, from art to workout and cooking tutorials. Many have had to get creative during this trying time due to the widespread loss of work. (via The Shade Room)

Joe Exotic Raking in Spotify Streams

Ever since the release of "I Saw a Tiger," which was added to Spotify on March 30, people from all across the music platform's markets have been listening. Exotic is apparently averaging an 18% daily increase in streams, while Millenials are said to be his biggest audience group. (via TMZ)

Walmart CEO Shares What Product Is Being Over-Purchased

Ever since the pandemic has taken hold of people's lives, the products being bought due to panic have shifted. First came the hand sanitizers, toilet paper and household disinfectants. Then shoppers returned to get puzzles and games to better spend their home isolation time. Currently, the hair aisle is looking vacant as people are starting to realize they need a color or cut. (via CNN)

Georgia Bar Owner Helps Her Unemployed Staff

The Sand Bar in Georgia had to close its doors, much like many restaurants around the States due to COVID-19. This particular location, however, had a tradition of patrons writing on and stapling dollar bills all around the island bar. Fifteen years' worth of cash was removed from the walls by five employees very carefully to collect a total of $3,714. The owner was able to distribute the money to her employees who were left jobless from the bar's closing. (via CNN)

93-Year-Old Woman Needs More Beer

Pittsburgh woman Olive Veronesi, 93, went viral when a picture of her holding up a sign reading "I need more beer" in one hand and a Coors Light in the other hit the internet. She has been self-isolating during the pandemic and has brought a smile to many people's faces with her upbeat attitude and sense of humor. (via Daily News)

Pete Davidson's Drake-Like Basement Rap For SNL

Filmed in his mom's basement during self-quarantine, comedian Pete Davidson, sporting a puffy jacket, created a song to comically imitate Drake's music style. Watch below:

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