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Today is our last Easter Basket giveaway thanks to our friends at Kimberlite Homes. Congratulations to our final two winners: Kristen Cavazos and Jennifer Hernandez. The winning will continue on Q92 on Monday.  Q-92 and the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show will have your chance to win $1,000 cash or a grand prize of $10,000 with the Kidd Kraddick Spring CA-CHING $10,000 Cash Code. More details below.

We would also like to thank all those who showed up at our Drive-Thru Easter event this past Sunday.  Vehicles lined up for blocks as kids eagerly waited for some treats. Once they pulled up they were greeted by various people and even special characters like Poppy and Marshall from Paw Patrol. Of course, the guest of honor himself was the that's right, I'm talking about the Easter Bunny and you know it's not an official Victoria event until Brother Gary shows up.  Check out this awesome gallery from Sunday's event.

Drive Thru Easter

Easter Bunny Dropped By The Crossroads

Kidd Kraddick Spring CA-CHING $10,000 Cash Code details:

You will have ten chances to win each day and winning is as easy as listening for the codewords and coming back here to enter. The more codewords you enter, the better your chances at winning some big bucks. Win cash just in time for Summer and take a little vacation.
You can increase your entries into the contest by downloading our free station app, signing up for our newsletter, or by following Q-92 on social media. These multipliers up your chances of winning! Plus, you'll want to download the station app because the $10,000 Cash Code returns on April 5th with your chance to win $10,000 dollars TEN times each weekday! How cool is that? The easiest way to keep on winning and winning with Q-92 is to grab our free app today.




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