Yesterday in San Antonio, the SA Express-News covered a story stating that 14 American passengers who had been previously quarantined as a precautionary measure aboard the Diamond Princess on Feb. 5th have tested positive for COVID-19, coronavirus, as more than 300 U.S Citizens on the Diamond Princess began evacuation by plane from Japan to the United States.

Two charter planes were used for the evacuation and arrived Monday morning at Joint Base, Lackland in San Antonio and Travis Air Force base in California. Evacuees are being treated and quarantined again for an additional fourteen days according to a joint statement provided by the State Department and Dept. of Health and Human Services. Confirmed cases aboard the cruise ship had grown from 70 to 355 when the State Department elected to evacuate its US citizens.

Still, according to Texas Officials, the flu continues to be more of a threat than the coronavirus for Texans.

The latest from the World Health Organization suggests that washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is still the safest practice to help prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19.

Just like your Momma taught you.

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