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This story sounds almost unbelievable.

A Texas mother has police looking for her in multiple states after they discovered she had left her two children, a 12 year old and 3 year old to care for themselves for months with no money or food.

Yet, her social media pages, which has thousands of followers, seems to show she has little regard for her children or the trouble she will be in once she is found.

Perhaps mental illness plays a role in the situation because she continues to post pictures of herself almost daily, ignoring most of the negative comments that now flood her pages with every post.

She is listen on social media as Raven Yates, and she is accused of having completely abandoning her children late September of 2022.

The children were found in "deplorable" conditions after the father of the 12 year old pieced together that his daughter was not being cared for after he saw a post of Raven in another state.

Once the children were found the 12 year old offered that her mother had warned her 12 year old daughter that her three year old brother would be "taken away" if she reached out for help while her mother was gone.

Sadly, the 12 year old had been in contact with her father several times since September but fearing she would lose her little brother she disclose the conditions she was living in, which included having very little food and no money to help care for her 3 year old little brother.

Police CONTINUE to look for Raven.

In the meantime, thankfully both the 12 year old and 3 year old have now been placed with a family member. They have a third sibling, a 14 year old sister who had run away  before Raven had abandoned her younger siblings.

All three children have been reunited.

Have you seen Raven Yates?


Hopefully she is found and can get the treatment she needs.

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