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When Crickets Attacked the Crossroads... also Love Bugs, Grackles and yep, even Guineas!

If you remember more than these critters invading our Crossroads community, let us know on the station apps! Got pictures? We'd love to see those too!

I'm dubbing the crickets, love bugs and grackles as the Three Plagues of Victoria, just for fun. If you know, a plague could be considered fun.

The Great Guinea Drop - maybe the 4th Plague ( but in a good way)

Before we get to the three plagues during my years here, did you live in Victoria during what I've heard referred to as the Great Guinea Drop? We covered that story before in Victoria In Motion magazine and if memory serves the story went like this... Someone had the unfortunate idea of dropping guineas from an airplane down to a crowd in Victoria during a festival. What they didn't consider is that the guineas couldn't quite get their wings adjusted for flight at the altitude they dropped them from the plane so many of the guineas died when they "hit" the ground. Yikes! I heard Victorians were so angry they supposedly chased the guy with the bright idea out of town. I love guineas so by plague I just mean they came to Victoria literally out of the sky. The good news? Guineas are great for insect and snake control. It's rumored that our famous guinea families that live in downtown Victoria today are offspring of the ones dropped years ago.

Guinea Fowl
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The Three Plagues in Victoria

Do you remember the grackles, love bugs and crickets?

We aren't the only Texas community to have had cricket issues. Check out this gross video on Kens5 Youtube page.

Who Remembers These Three "Plagues" in Victoria

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