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Cue the Theme Song... Jaws is Back... On the water. 

Notice I didn't write ' In the water' but back to that in a second.

How old were you when you first saw the movie Jaws?

Maybe it's because I first watched the movie Jaws when I was only five years old, but Jaws legit traumatized me for LIFE.


It still haunts my dreams TODAY.

For years, and I mean, for years, after I saw Jaws, I couldn't take a bubble bath or swim in the deep end of the pool. About the time I was getting over it as a preteen, 007's Thunderball played on late-night television confirming my suspicion that YES, SHARKS CAN BE IN A POOL.

As a young adult, I secretly wouldn't get into a pool alone, figuring that more bodies in the water would decrease my chances of being bitten. Some girl was always tipsy and splashing clumsily around, increasing my chances of survival even more. Obviously, I never disclosed this at the pool parties.

Even as a grown a** adult, I still get a little anxious when I board a boat, because the second my foot touches the deck, I instantly hear Chief Brody offering aloud, "We're going to need a bigger boat." To this day I won't go into any body of saltwater past my knees. FORGET ABOUT IT!

Sigh. Just writing about Jaws tonight means I'll likely have a bad dream about it later.  Great. Why am I even writing this article again? Oh ya, that's right...

Jaws Is Back On The Water!

Volente Beach Resort and Waterpark along with Alamo Drafthouse and Beachside Billy's will be featuring 'Jaws' On The Water again this year, beginning July 3rd at Lake Travis in Leander Texas, after a little hiatus in 2020 thanks to COVID.

Fans of this event RAVE about it, in part, because you are nestled in your innertube watching Jaws on the big screen in mass ( again I like those odds) all while floating on the lake, which sounds fun, UNTIL... duh nuh, duh nuh, duh nuh, it's now dark outside and lurking beneath the water trained scuba divers grab your feet during the attack scenes in the movie! PEOPLE PAY MONEY FOR THIS! 

Here is a video highlighting some of the features of Jaws on the Water we found on Trips to Discover's Youtube page.

Ticket info here

Tickets will likely sell out fast ( because some people are nuts) so grab them while you can. Oh and grab your own innertube too because they aren't able to rent tubes yet.

Let me know how it goes. I'll be here on dry land waiting to hear all about it.

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