CupcakKe has been confirmed safe by Chicago police after posting a concerning message on social media, the BBC reports.

Early on Tuesday, the rapper posted a tweet saying, "im about to commit suicide," which left fans concerned for her safety. She reposted the message on Instagram, adding "thank you for everything y'all have done for me I really appreciate it." A friend of CupcakKe, Elijah Daniel, later tweeted that she had been hospitalized overnight and was "okay."

Officers are said to have gone out "a few times" to check on CupcakKe. She was then taken to a hospital to be evaluated.

"Once they got in touch with her, they took her to [a] hospital - not for her injuries - but for a mental evaluation," police said in a statement to Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Her suicide tweet was met with love and support from friends and fans, including Charli XCX. The fellow musician shared a notes app message with CupcakKe, reminding her how "powerful" and loved she is.

CupcakKe, born Elizabeth Harris, has been open about her struggles with depression in the past. In August 2018, she tweeted that she tries "to be as positive as possible," but said she was "at a very low & depressed point" in her life. CupcakKe added that she had "been feeling this way for a while."

"I try to be as positive as possible but I just want to say I'm at a very low & depressed point in my life," she said at the time. "I been feeling this way for a while so please understand if you never hear from me's nothing no one could of did to make my life's just me and my demons."

CupcakKe was due to tour in the United Kingdom this week, but the dates had previously been pushed off until March. She'll be playing in Glasgow, Dublin, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

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