Dumpster Fire Dallas

Local Dallas TikTokers have declared the city an actual dating dumpster, warning off all who are considering taking up the challenge of finding their mate.

TikTok is full of videos explaining the type of people you will find in Dallas and the aftermath of attempting to date. Like this woman who moved to Dallas for a man and ended up homeless after he kicked her out-OUCH.

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This girl apparently sums up the dating life in Dallas, comments flooded in agreeing with her. She just lays facedown half falling off her bed with the description "Wanna hear a joke?" then proceeds to lay facedown with the words heavily hovering over her "When you want a relationship but you live in Dallas"

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Dallas is not the only dumpster fire for dating, Houston and Austin aren't far behind. One girl blasted a guy she was attempting to date. Being straightforward can be a very good quality to have, however, this guy may have been a bit too out there.

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Houston isn't Much Better

Houston is full of unique characters. This user made sure you are aware of some that you may run into while trying to date in H-Town. Keep an eye out for the married man, an athlete with 10 girlfriends, the trap king, and of course, the aspiring rapper.

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Another guy broke it down for other fellas in Houston. Warning that you need to know the location of the person because dating someone who lives in Houston may still require a road trip to get to them; he said it perfectly, Houston is away from Houston."

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Fella's watch your back too because there are some questionable women in Houston too.

Moral of the Story

Moral of the story: Maybe call this cuffing season off and take a break for a bit.

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