David Dobrik's three YouTube channels have been temporarily demonetized.

On Friday (March 26), the video-sharing and streaming platform suspended the monetization of Dobrik's main channel, his Views podcast channel and the David Dobrik Too channel. Combined, his channels boast more than 28 million subscribers.

Former Vlog Squad member Dominykas "Durte Dom" Zeglaitis' YouTube channel was also temporarily demonetized. Zeglaitis' channel has over 800,000 subscribers.

"We have strict policies that prohibit sexual harassment on YouTube and take allegations of sexual assault very seriously," a YouTube spokesperson told Insider. "We have temporarily suspended monetization on David Dobrik and Durte Dom channels for violating our Creator Responsibility policy."

YouTube's statement comes after two people accused Dobrik's Vlog Squad of sexual assault.

In February, former Vlog Squad member Joseth "Seth" Francois claimed that a "prank" video Dobrik had uploaded to his channel showed him actually being assaulted. The group "pranked" him into believing that he was going to make out with female Vlog Squad member Corrina, but instead, he was kissed by male Vlog Squad member Jason Nash without his consent. The video has since been removed from Dobrik's channel.

On March 16, an anonymous woman came forward to Business Insider and accused Zeglaitis of rape. The woman was reportedly featured in a 2018 Dobrik video about threesomes. The woman claimed that she was underage at the time and that the Vlog Squad supplied her and her friends with a large supply of alcohol. The outlet reported that she was so incapacitated that she could not have consented.

On March 16, in response to the reports, Dobrik issued an apology video titled "Let's Talk." He apologized to Francois for his part in the "prank" and said that he no longer speaks to Dom as his views don't "align with some of the actions [he did]." The apology video was met with a negative response from fans.

On March 23, Dobrik uploaded a second video where he apologized once again. "I've put myself in a lot of situations where I've needed to apologize for my past actions," he told the camera. "And I've never done this correctly and I've never done this respectfully. My last video was a testament to that." He spoke for several minutes. Overall, the second video received more positive feedback from social media users.

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