Demi Lovato shared a photo of herself without makeup over the weekend. Even when she strips away the mascara, false eyelashes and lip gloss, she is still a first class stunner. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to effectively describe her.

Deemz tweeted a photo of herself with her brown locks pulled off her face in a loose bun, showing off that gorgeous face of hers. She looks clean and freshly-scrubbed and above all, happy and healthy, which is the most important factor. The ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ singer is so naturally pretty that she could go au naturel all the time and still turn heads on the street.

Below is Lovato’s tweet and photo. Perhaps this simple yet stunning image is what inspired her legion of Lovatics to push “Demi Perfectvato” to a trending topic. Even Demi’s imperfections are perfect in the eyes of her devoted fans. Whether the “Demi Perfectvato” tag is referring to the image of the singer without her face paint, or the fact that she struggled with personal issues and addressed them in rehab and post-treatment press blitz, the Lovatics love for Demi is diehard.

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