A 61 year old Victoria man may have received a counterfeit $10 bill in change from paying his water bill to the city of Victoria.

According to a published report in the Victoria Advocate, Sean Crowe paid his water bill last week with cash he got from an ATM. The teller at the city office gave him back change that included a $10 bill and, when he went to an ATM to deposit it, the bill was rejected. He tried a different machine, and got the same result. Crowe then went to a local bank where a teller was able to check out the bill with a special pen and, sure enough, it was counterfeit.

City officials say there's no way to be sure that the man got the bill from the city. They also say that because he waited a couple of days to try to return the bill, there's nothing they can do.

That sucks, good thing it wasn't any more that just $10.