With Halloween right around the corner and families still on the fence about whether they want to trick or treat, your next best bet might be right down the road in Seguin.

Ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't get scarier than the historic haunted Seguin Texas hotel, formally the Magnolia Hotel, now known officially as the Haunted Magnolia Hotel.

Located in Seguin, Texas, one of the many stories on record about the Haunted Magnolia Hotel located at 203 S Crockett St. is the one about Wilheim Faust. According to the Haunted Magnolia Hotel website, in 1874, the hotel was the home to one of Texas most hideous serial killers, Wilheim Faust. In the middle of the night, Faust stole the Magnolia Hotel owner's horse, rode to New Braunfels, and mistakenly murdered a 12-year-old girl, he claimed to have mistaken for his own wife. He rode back to the hotel and calmly fell asleep in his safe bed. Once captured and convicted, he confessed to the murder. Then he got on a on a confession roll, and went on to admit he had murdered twice before. William Faust was eventually shot through the courthouse window by an unknown assailant before his conviction and sentence could be carried out by trial.

This was just one of several scary stories known to be historically accurate. It's said that there are over ten known ghosts who haunt the hotel.

Although the hotel is famous for its hauntings, great care has been taken by owners Erin and Jim Gheti to restore the hotel to its former glory after it sadly spent over two decades abandoned. With that in mind, they also offer some serious ghost tours throughout their seriously gorgeous hotel!

There have been so many paranormal sightings, one even caught on film. According to the Haunted Magnolia Hotel website, the hotel has been featured on the Travel Chanel's "GHOST ADVENTURES" and GHOST ADVENTURES "AFTER SHOCK", the "NICK GROFF'S TOUR", the Discovery Chanel's "WHEN GHOST ATTACK", Destination America "GHOST BROTHER'S", and PBS show called "STRANGE TOWN."

The best part is that you can now rent rooms overnight and tour the hotel specifically in search of ghosts starting in October. IF you think you can handle it. You can book a room here.

Don't just take our word for it, here is a great piece by DayTripper featuring the Haunted Magnolia Hotel.

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