One of Houston's very own DJs has suffered a fatal ending. A popular Houston DJ, Darien Lewis, better known as DJ D Baby, was a 23-year-old socialite boasting over 24,000 social media followers tragically died this week.

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DJ D Baby was known for her versatile style and energy. She's played at Houston's finest and most popular clubs, however, she also hit the stage with A-list artists like Megan thee Stallion, Ronin Thicke, Slim Thug, and Big Freedia, among countless others.


On July 3rd DJ D Baby was rushed to the hospital after falling from the 13th-floor balcony and onto the 9th-floor pool deck at the 5 am hour. 10 days after the fall, on July 13th, she died from her injuries while in the hospital.

Officials have not formally released the cause of her death, however, because her girlfriend was present during the fall speculations about her involvement began circulating.

However, her girlfriend took to Facebook, to say how heartbroken she is and had nothing to do with it. She explained DJ D Baby had been drinking, stood on the balcony furniture, lost her balance, and fell before she could get to her.

Houston police tell FOX 26 at this point, that it appears to have been an unfortunate accident.



"I would just like to continue seeing some posts where they enjoyed being with her, and around her," her mother Terri Lewis said. Her brother is hoping to see happy fun videos of his sister to remember her, "She was that life for you guys, so now it's everyone else's turn to be that life for us, so we can watch those videos and those moments that we didn't see, so we can see it and smile and reminisce on how great of a person she was," he said.

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