A 53-year-old woman was at the center of a search last week. Sherry Noppee out of Katy went missing last Tuesday. A security camera caught her leaving her home to walk her dog Max, however, she had not been seen or heard from since then.

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Her family was unable to get a hold of Noppe because she left the home without her cellphone. Noppe's son feared for his mother and revealed she had a mild form of dementia.

Search Party Suspended

As hours went by, Texas EquuSearch launched an operation to find Noppe at George Bush Park on Wednesday, and the search continued Thursday until the afternoon when it was suspended due to weather.

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A heavy storm passed through the area as Noppe was still missing. Volunteers and search crews returned to the area Friday morning.

A Faint Bark

As search teams continued to search the nearby park a dog was faintly heard barking in a distance. As the search team listened closely trying to move closer to the barking dog, they finally stumbled upon a shocking sight.

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"Us and police had heard some dogs barking faintly here and there, and so we just kept listening for that," said family friend Michael England. The barking dog turned out to be Max, who was barking trying to get the attention of anyone for help. Noppe was found covered in mud.

Who's A Good Boy

"It's a small miracle that she's alive after being missing for so long," said Constable Ted Heap in a tweet. "Our concern now is getting her out of the woods and to a hospital for a medical evaluation. Thank you to Texas Equusearch along with the army of searchers who never gave up."

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Her loyal dog never left her side and helped aid her discovery. "We were happy to find her. Happy that she is alive and healthy. The dog was there. Everything was good. I mean, the dog saved her life."

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