Things are getting serious between Dylan Spouse and Barbara Palvin.

The pair have moved in together after less than a year of dating. The couple shared the news on Instagram, posting a photo of themselves surrounded by moving boxes on Friday. The New York City skyline is visible in the background of their photo.

"Two worms officially in the big apple," Palvin captioned the image.

Sprouse shared the same photo, writing, "We moved in we only had 4 mental breakdowns!"

Palvin walked in the Victoria's Secret fashion show in November after a lengthy hiatus from the high-profile show. She was supported by Sprouse in her big return. He told Us Weekly he went to great lengths to back his girl while she prepared for the show, even getting in on her model diet regimen.

"We are very fit right now [after eating a lot of vegetables], but our farts smell very bad!" He joked. "We're ripped, but we fart like horses, so it's great."

He arrived at the show with a back of Shake Shack burgers for Palvin to enjoy after she finished walking in the show. He revealed he brought five in the hopes of satisfying her appetite.

"There's no way she can't be full to burst after I deliver five of these!" he said.

Palvin shared a photo after the show of her and her beau, quipping that he was "Better than Burgers."

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