Candy ain't just for kids. Especially during the holidays when all the cool gifts have gone to the kids, and we're often just stuck with stealing our kids holiday candy.

Admit it, it's nice to kick back after a long day of holidays on Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter and swipe a few pieces of candy here and there from your unsuspecting angels trick-or-treat bag, stocking, makeshift mailbox, and basket.

At least that's how I justify sneaking their candy. After all, I've worked my tail off to make the holidays happen!

And speaking of tails... Easter is right around the corner, and it's almost time to dive into my grandkid's Easter basket after they've drifted to bed Easter Sunday. BAD GRANDMA!

Are you with me? Well then hop on over, and let's rank Easter candy classics.

Easter Candy Ranked

I literally feel like I need to brush my teeth now after working with all this candy!

What do you think about my ranking? Let us know via our station apps what your favorite and least favorite Easter candy is!

Happy Easter Hunny Bunnies!



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