Snowfall had all of Texas talking yesterday!  Well not all of Texas, it seemed the snow stopped just north of Victoria and we just got rain.  At least we got to enjoy the snow via social media.  It was nice to see a social feed filled with snow pics instead of politics.   People throughout Texas enjoyed the snow in different ways including this guy paddling his way through the snow.  This video comes from the weird city guessed it, Austin, Texas!


While I did get not to witness snow here in Victoria, my daughter got to experience the snow while on the beautiful campus of Stephen F. Austin #axeemjacks.  Check out this awesome photo of Homer Bryce Stadium.  This is what my daughter saw when she walked out of her dorm yesterday.  What an awesome sight!

There were all of these awesome photos from around the state and there was Victoria. 

While it did not snow in Victoria yesterday, it has snowed in Victoria TWICE THIS CENTURY!  There is was that snow show that came out of nowhere back in 2017 and the Christmas Snow Miracle back in 2004!  Something that none of us will ever forget.

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