It's official – EXO's Kai is dating Jennie from BLACKPINK, and has been for some time according to a Korean tabloid.

Photos of the pair surfaced in Dispatch, suggesting the two have been a couple since October 2018. The pictures showed the pair sporting matching outfits and spending time in the same cities at the same time. Jennie's agency did not weigh in on the relationship speculation, but Kai's label, SM Entertainment, did.

"Kai and Jennie have become fond of each other," a statement from SM Entertainment said.

Fans were not thrilled by the news. Many unfollowed Kai, Jennie or both on Instagram, refusing to support their relationship.

"sorry but, is Kai really dating Jennie? Jongin is one of my top priority in #EXO sekai is my babies. and tbh, i like bp esp. before but the very least member i like is, yeah i just don't feel her. i dunno i can't accept it yet if this is true," one fan tweeted.

Another said, "an exo fan account i follow on instagram is genuinely mad that kai and jennie are dating. the only reason they're mad is because they hate bp they even went to the lengths of blocking kai. when will people get rid of the mentality that their biases can date whoever they want."

Others, however, were thrilled. One Twitter user said of the couple, "I STAN THEM WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"

"honestly, it doesn't MATTER whether or not the rumors are true. to those so-called 'fans' spreading s--- on kai, jennie, exo or bp are f------ pathetic. y'all really bullying two idols over a f------ ruMOR?" a fan said online.

Another wrote, "MY EXO BIAS WRECKER AND MY BP BIAS ARE DATING? this is an amazing start to the year. congrats Jennie and Kai!! #JenKai hopefully we'll get some cute couple content."

"I don't stan BO or EXO but it's nice to See Kai & Jennie have some happiness, every Idol deserves love & Happiness. I just hope people leave them along and don't harass them," a third tweeted.

Neither Jennie nor Kai has commented on the controversy surrounding their relationship.

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