Some kids want to be a fireman, a professional athlete or a superhero when they grow up. Five-year-old Zay Zay dreams of one day becoming a standup comedian. From the looks of his adorably funny YouTube routine, this kid might have the creative chops and charisma to keep that dream alive long enough for it to become a reality.

Standup comedy can be a tough profession requiring a ton of perseverance. Luckily for young Zay Zay, he is a natural showman and his dad is pretty solid at writing his act. With over 47,000 views in just three days, Zay Zay has been getting a lot of positive feedback on YouTube.

Zay Zay explains to his viewers what it’s like for him to be a kid in a way that will undoubtedly give you flashbacks of what it was like to be five. YouTube is responsible for making stars out of many young up-and-coming kids, and this little guy definitely has WAY more talent than most of the others. (We’re looking at you, Rebecca Black). We expect big things out of Zay Zay in the next 10-15 years.

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